Live Demonstrations of Barrel-making by Real Coopers! 

S​ince 2016, Speyside Cooperage has allowed the Barrel Festival to borrow their Coopers for a day. 

These gentlemen demonstrate the assemblage of several barrels throughout the day of the Festival. Be sure to check the schedule!  

You can also purchase your very own hand-constructed barrel (while they last!) the day of the Festival.

Cooper's stage sponsored by

Live Demonstrations by a Real Blacksmith!

Blacksmith Ramiro will be demonstrating the timeless art of Blacksmithing!
Take home a keepsake that you watched come to life.
Ornamental iron work, custom automobile and expert welding, aluminum and stainless steel welding.
General metal repair, heirloom repair and restoration.
If we can't fix it, it can't be fixed!
​Call or Email Ramiro to get the personal service you deserve.
Examples of some of his works of art are below.
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